What to Store in Your Beauty Fridge?

What to store in your Beauty Fridge

Elongating the life of your skincare and beauty products is an absolute must! If you live somewhere that is prone to humidity or changing heat you might be concerned about the impacts on your skincare. Keeping your skincare and beauty products at a regulated temperature is so essential for making the most of their shelf-life and reducing the risk of harmful bacteria from becoming present in your products.

We know that everyone has different needs when it comes to storing their skincare, so we’ve designed Beauty Fridge to have both a hot and cold setting! This flexibility allows you to choose what products you want to store in your Beauty Fridge, truly personalising your experience.

On the cool setting we recommend storing your favourite perfumes, facial tools, and skincare products (except for oils!).

If your skincare products claim to cool, soothe and de-puff the skin, then storing them in your Beauty Fridge is going to maximise their benefits! 2020 has us all addicted to sheet masks and keeping them cool will increase their anti-inflammatory results and give your skin a radiant glow. There’s nothing more relaxing than a cold face mask followed by a facial massage with your favourite beauty roller during your self-care routine!

If you have sensitive skin, then applying your moisturiser and facial mists cold will help to decrease redness and act as a calming barrier before applying your makeup. We also love to keep after sun care and aloe-based products in a cool environment to encourage calmer skin (this is especially great if you suffer from reactive skin or rosacea!).

Vitamin C is a fantastic active ingredient to use when treating redness or an impaired skin barrier, however depending on its formula it can be one of the first skincare products in your routine to go bad! Storing your vitamin C serum in your Beauty Fridge can help extend its shelf life and prevent oxidation.

Keep these cold!
  • Moisturiser
  • Toner & facial mists
  • SPF
  • Serums
  • Facial tools
  • Face masks
  • Perfume
  • Nail polish
  • Active ingredients
  • Natural ingredients/products containing natural preservatives

What to store in your Beauty Fridge - Cold setting

We all know that your typical fridge is designed to keep things cold, but we’ve taken it one step further and designed our Beauty Fridge with a hot setting as well! This is an absolute must if you’re addicted to an at home facial (or if you run a home-based day spa or salon!). Create the ultimate DIY spa day by storing wax, facial and essential oils, and small towels in your Beauty Fridge.

These ones like it hot!
  • Facial & essential oils
  • Small facial towels
  • Wax & wax strips
  • Hair oils

What to store in your Beauty Fridge - Hot setting

Oh, did we mention that Beauty Fridge is the perfect addition to your aesthetic vanity or bathroom? Everyone in our office is currently obsessed with home organisation (thanks to Marie Kondo & The Home Edit!) and keeping your favourite skincare and beauty tools tidy and neat is the epitome of sparking joy!

Your Beauty Fridge is the perfect place to showcase your personality and keep your routine safe and stable, make sure you have fun with your skincare routine and let your Beauty Fridge be a tool used to help bring excitement to your skincare glow up!