What Is A Beauty Roller? Do They Really Work?

What Does A Beauty Roller Do? 

Enhance your skin routine and self-care practices with a crystal beauty roller. Designed to be used as a tool to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation, a beauty roller will also work to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention. Treat yourself to a facial massage while applying your facial serums or oils, encouraging better absorption as well as skin health, improved skin tone and a radiant complexion.

What Is The Difference Between Spiked & Smooth? 

While both tools can be used to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation, a spiked roller provides strong stimulation and intensity to aid with lymphatic drainage and collagen production compared to a smooth roller.

With regular use a spiked roller can aid in toning facial muscles, smoothing fine lines, and minimising blemishes caused by a build-up of toxins. Use before applying makeup to encourage a plump base, or while applying heavier creams and oil to encourage deeper penetration of skincare products. Our HQ team love using our Jade Stone Spiked Roller with the Go To Face Hero oil each evening to ground their nightly skincare routine and reflect on the day.

Smooth beauty rollers are perfect for depuffing the skin, massaging the face, and even applying your favourite sheet mask. We know that facial rolling is relaxing and de-stressing, so selecting a stone like Rose Quartz that signifies unconditional love, will help you make you feel beautiful inside and out!

How To Use A Beauty Roller

Step 1: Keep the pressure light and comfortable on your skin and roll out horizontally from your chin to your hairline

Step 2: From the corner of your nose, roll upwards towards your ears

Step 3: Place the small end of your beauty roller in the inner corner of your eye and roll out towards your temples

Step 4: Flip your roller and use the wider end to roll downwards from your eyebrows to your temples

Step 5: Roll upwards from your eyebrows, moving across your forehead, towards your hairline

Step 6: Finally, roll out horizontally from the middle of your temples for a relaxing end to your pampering/rolling session

Tip: Take your rolling session to the next level by pairing it up with your favourite skincare product or a sheet mask underneath. Chilled products are highly recommended for optimum results, so make sure you store your products and tools inside your Beauty Fridge!