Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Summer with These Beauty Tips

Oh, Summer. The longest and best days of the year. Endless hours of sunshine, salty hair, and sipping on margaritas. Days spent by the beach or relaxing at the pool as you unwind from a busy week.

Unfortunately, with the good must come the bad, and Summer can bring with it a whole new range of skin issues that can wreak havoc with your once-perfect routine.

The negatives are minimal, and Summer doesn't have to take such a toll on your skin if you're nourishing it with products before the damage sets in. What's that saying? Prevention is better than the cure.

And with our hydration tips and beauty tricks, you can glide into the season with confidence.

Keep your skin hydrated this Summer with these beauty tips.


A key element in your skincare routine year-round should always be sunscreen, and the right one will be your best friend this Summer! Make sure you choose a quality product specifically for use on the face, and it will keep you protected from those harmful UV rays without blocking your pores and causing more skin issues. Sunscreen will also stop your skin from drying out as you lay in the sun on those lazy summer days. The Quick Flick has a fantastic sunscreen that contains hyaluronic acid and vegan squalene for all-day hydration and plump skin.

H20 baby

Water is an invaluable asset to your skin no matter the season, and the best part is it's free! Drinking plenty of H20 can combat the signs of ageing as it slows the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and can reduce the size of your pores while evening out your complexion. Increasing your water intake during Summer can keep your skin hydrated and help it retain moisture. All these benefits without the use of a single product! Drink up, people!

Face masks & massages

Face masks can become an essential part of your summer skincare routine as you can lock that moisture in and replace it after a long day exposed to the harsh elements. Choosing a professional quality can be so beneficial as they contain ingredients that encourage moisture retention in the skin. You could also make your own at home with household ingredients such as sunflower seed oil or coconut oil. The perfect way to finish off your mask and get ready for bed is to use a facial massager or beauty orbs to get the most out of your product and add extra benefits. Do your skin a favour and look at The Skin Workout set from our range of unique products.

Hydrating skincare

Now, this is one of the biggest tips we can give when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated throughout the Summer months. Sometimes changing a few essential products in your routine to suit the season can significantly impact maintaining the health of your skin. For example, excessive sun exposure and saltwater can cause your skin to become dry and flaky, so swapping out your standard moisturiser for an intensive hydrating serum can have extra benefits for your skin during the hotter months.

Keep your products cool

If you've landed here, then you would already be aware that we're huge fans of keeping your skincare products refrigerated.

A Beauty Fridge will not only maintain and extend the shelf life of your products, but it will allow your skin to enjoy the hydration benefits of applying a refrigerated skincare product. Hydration gets taken to a whole new level with a product that has been cooled just for you.

And finally, we'll leave you with this tip.

Sleep it off

It's true, and I'm not making this up! Giving yourself a whole night of deep slumber will benefit your skin. Your body and mind need time to replenish and rejuvenate after a long day and guess what, so does your skin.

You could also give your skin an additional boost by sleeping on sheets that are good for skin hydration, such as silk or bamboo.

So to summarise, keep it cool. Sleep a lot. Treat yourself to a pamper night and go about your Summer unfazed with skin so glowy, so hydrated you'll forget you ever had an issue in the first place.