How To Store Active Skincare Ingredients

Skincare fridges have been a popular topic of conversation within the beauty space for a little while now, and its got us thinking into whether we should be keeping our skincare stored in one. After all, for all the time we spend on caring for our skin, why dont we also take the time into pampering our skincare as well? 

How Should You Store Active Ingredients?

A lot of skincare products commonly found inside your bathroom vanity contain active ingredients, such as retinol, benzoyl peroxide or vitamin C. Theyre ingredients that have been scientifically proven to change the cellular structure of your skin, which involves repairing, rejuvenating, hydrating and nourishing your cells.  

With such an important role in skincare its important that theyre stored in a cooler climate, and away from any warm, light-filled environments. Because storing them in a humid climate can not only affect the look, feel, smell and effectiveness of the products, but it can cause the ingredients to oxidise, degrade, weaken and become inactive, thus becoming expired, and ineffective on your skin.  

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and active ingredient that is often difficult to keep stabilised. Its role in your skincare is to work against defending against UV damage and brighten your skin But if stored in the wrong location and climate, can expire, and become ineffective and no longer stable.  
Its the same with any of your anti-aging skincare products, such as retinol or benzoyl peroxide. You want them to have a long shelf life and storing them correctly assists with that.  

Storing your skincare products that contain active ingredients in appropriate beauty storage, such as a Beauty Fridge can extend a products shelf life, improve ingredient longevity and provide benefits for your skin. Keeping them cold also adds in extra cooling and de-puffing benefits for your face. Its like treating yourself to a facial from the comfort of your own home. 

Beauty Fridge, is a skincare mini fridge brand, created by The Quick Flick Founder, Iris Smit. After discovering her pink clay mask had dried up from the Australian summer, Iris felt inspired to find and create a beauty storage solution that would increase the longevity and shelf life of her products.  

Snow White Beauty Fridge containing skincare

Why Shouldn't Skincare Be Stored In A Kitchen Fridge? 

Now, you might be thinking, ‘well can I store them in my kitchen fridge?’, and while keeping them stored in your standard fridge might seem like a viable option, is reaching over last night's leftovers to get your vitamin c serum, the skincare routine that you had in mind? We know its not ours. 

Using your kitchen fridge also makes it harder to keep a controlled temperature for the active ingredients to remain stable within. And not only does storing your skincare in the correct climate extend the shelf life, but it also reduces the risk of harmful bacteria becoming present within your products. Beauty Fridge can cool down to 4ºC-10ºC at 25˚C ambient or heat up to 40ºC-50ºC, so whether youre after a warm towel or a cold serum, both are possible. 

Items that can be stored on the cold setting of your Beauty Fridge

Items that can be stored on the hot setting of your Beauty Fridge

Beauty Fridge Is Also A Great Storage Solution!

Not only does having a Beauty Fridge on your counter look super cute (and you can add stickers for an even more personal touch!) but its also a really useful bathroom organiser. Clutter on your bedside table or bathroom vanity are a thing of the past, with this 4L storage solution being able to fit everything from serums, to moisturiser and even your facial tools. It even has a handle if you want to take it on the go! 

So next time you pick up your skincare containing active ingredients, just remember to store them in a cooler climate. After all, your skincare and its shelf life will love you for it.