Creating A Habit, Making It Stick

The value of routines is what can set us up as more effective, more time free individuals. Following a routine every day will see you achieve more tasks, feel less stressed, and most importantly help ease anxieties surrounding control and time management. You can have morning routines, skincare routines, self-care routines, the possibilities are endless. Starting a new routine all comes down to creating habits that are not only achievable but are also rewarding.  

Continue reading to see some of our top tips for adding value to each and everyday with our favourite routine and habit hacks!

Know Your Motivation 

Reflecting on your own goals and values will help guide how you shape your habits and routines. There is no point of doing something just for the sake of it, every action should have a purpose with your life plan (both on a personal level and for your career!). General Manager, Tanya reflects on what habits and routines are important to her values: 

“For me, it all starts with a positive, healthy morning routine. Capture some stillness and 'me' time by getting up before anyone else. Be grateful for the morning coffee my partner makes every morning (It's my love language - I'm lost without my 'coffee's ready' call). Soak up a morning beach walk or at least breathe in good lungful of fresh air to engage the senses (I live up the road from a bakery, so fresh morning air smells like cinnamon scrolls in my neck of the woods), and make a healthy breakie (grilled mushrooms, haloumi and zucchini is a go to). I find good choices and a good mindset in the morning lead to good choices throughout the day (and visa versa!)” 

Start Small 

We often look at our to-do lists and think that they are never-ending and often overwhelming. By breaking your lists into smaller, more manageable sections, and designating them a specific place in your day, you’ll find your to-do list gets shorter, the tasks themselves become more rewarding, and you’ll feel a daily sense of accomplishment. 

If your 2021 goal is to run a marathon, but you’re new to long distance running, you might set a goal such as run 5km in a certain amount of time. Once you’ve achieved this goal you’d increase it to 10km, then to 20km, finally working your way up to the full 42.2km 

Create An Association 

SPF is one of the most important steps in a skincare routine, but one that is often forgotten! Our Engagement Coordinator Dimmity has set up a physical practice for applying her sunscreen each day by setting a bottle on her entry table next to her keys.  

“By keeping my fave SPF next to my keys and wallet I’ve set up a routine to apply it every single time I leave the house! In my head I process SPF-Keys-Wallet-Go!” 

Connecting your habits to a physical place or existing task you will create an association in your brain that makes the process almost automatic.  

Track Your Progress 

Making sure you're in line with your goals and are hitting success each day falls back on measuring your tasks! You may have heard of SMART goals in your work environment; however, these also translate into creating habits that stickSMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Based.  
Our CEO and Founder Iris uses SMART goals to keep her health goals on track throughout the day. She sets an alarm for every hour as a reminder to get up from her desk, stretch, and grab a drink of water so she doesn’t become dehydrated throughout the day. These small habits work well in her daily routine making them achievable and realistic, and they have a specific purpose to keep her mind and body active 

Failure Promotes Growth 

We all face hiccups on our journeys, but it’s so important to remember that one day or one action does not define you as an individual. Life is all about balance and moderation, so what if you didn’t hit your goal of drinking 8 cups of water on Tuesday? Use Wednesday to refocus on setting smaller targets to smash it instead. Maybe aiming for 8 cups as a measure doesn’t work for your lifestyle, why not try aiming for just picking up your water bottle each hour so that you’re staying hydrating all day.  

Each day is a new opportunity for success, and it’s so important to reflect on what is stopping us from reaching our goals and changing our journey  

Celebrate Your Success 

No matter what, always remember your why and align your actions with your intentions. By setting yourself intentional tasks and routines that focus on your values and goals you will manifest success.  

Our Beauty Advisor Julita is our environmental warrior but admits that she doesn’t always remember her reusable cup! To combat this, she’s been using a ‘no hat, no play’ approach – if she doesn’t have her reusable cup with her, then no coffee or bubble tea during her errands! Whenever she remembers her reusable cup, she gets to celebrate by rewarding herself with her favourite drink.  

No matter what it's important to remember that it might take time to find the perfect routine for you, it's about personalising your experiencing and reflecting on your own goals and needs.