Our Founder's Morning Routine!

Beauty Fridge Founder and CEO Iris Smit takes us through her entire morning skincare routine - step-by-step! From cleansers and masks to serums and her go-to SPF, follow along for a closer look at what's inside her Beauty Fridge.  

Iris starts her routine by pulling her hair back with a kink free hair band, and a soft fluffy headband! 

Avene | Gentle Milk Cleanser

While we all know that we need to double cleanse at night to remove our makeup, to start her morning routine Iris prefers to opt for a gentle cleanser to help her face feel fresh and awake after a deep nights sleep. Rinse off with warm water and make sure to pat the skin dry (be gentle on your skin, no one wants micro-tears!)

Sand & Sky | Australian Pink Clay Exfoliator

While Iris didn't exfoliate in this video, she loves to introduce a gentle physical exfoliant into her morning routine 2-3 times per week. This is a great way to create a smooth base before wearing a heavier foundation. 

Carbon Theory | Tea Tree Oil and Citric Acid Solution 

This is a great product to help clear break outs and minimise the appearance of blackheads along the T-zone. Iris applies this using The Quick Flick Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, the perfect eco-friendly option for skincare application.

Less is more! Iris believes in using fewer products that are high quality - find products that are specific to your skin needs and work well for your goals. 

Sukin | Restorative Night Cream

As the weather changes, so does our skin. During colder weather it's easy for your skin to become dehydrated, so switching your regular moisturiser to something more intensive is a must. Iris has switched to a night cream/PM moisturiser to hold moisture in the skin and eliminate the need to reapply during the day. 

Hot tip: apply creams and serums in an upward motion to prevent pulling and tugging on the skin which can lead to wrinkles!

Sand & Sky | Australian Emu Apple Dreamy Glow Drops

Glowy, hydrating, lightweight. This serum is an absolute must have if you're a fan of the 'glass skin' look! A cult product in it's own right, this contains Australian super ingredients to create a beautiful glow while nourishing the face. To apply make sure you shake the container well, apply drops to your palms and press into your face.  

Previse | Gobo Eye Serum

Iris loves a good eye cream, however so many formulas tend to be thick and heavy on such a delicate area. This eye serum is a gel based formula, making it the perfect lightweight option. It contains Vitamin B and Vitamin C to help improve pigmentation and fine lines, and as an added bonus all ingredients are plant based. Apply this one to your ring fingers and gently tap around the eye area. 

Beauty Fridge | Rose Quartz Beauty Roller

The perfect companion to your Beauty Fridge, our Rose Quartz Beauty Roller is a must have in your routine. The smooth rose quartz feels cool on the skin and helps to depuff and calm any irritations. Iris finds that she holds a lot of water in her skin when she wakes up, so a beauty roller is the perfect way to shift this water retention. Like your moisturiser apply in an upwards motion! 

Avene | Sunscreen Emulsion Face SPF50+ 

As an Australian company our office is all about wearing SPF! This is a daily non-negotiable and Iris is always the first to remind her team to reapply. The Avene sunscreen Iris uses is water resistant for up to 40 minutes (making it perfect for a morning swim!) and applies like a lightweight moisturiser. 

A'kin | Rose Mist Toner

All about hydration, Iris finishes her morning skincare routine with a gentle, calming facial mist. Resist the urge to dry your face here and just let the product sink in and work it's hydrating magic!

Lucas' | Papaw Ointment

A long time favourite, Iris' go-to lip balm is vegan, hydrating and super smooth to apply.

Iris is then ready to grab her Almond Latte with Vanilla and smash all of her business goals!