HQ Beauty Fridge Must Haves

We’ve been addicted to MTV Cribs, love snooping inside our favourite influencer's handbags, and 2020 had us lusting over the perfectly organised pantries in The Home Edit. At Beauty Fridge HQ we all love to have a little nosey into how our friends organise their lives and what they consider to be their must have products.

"I love a cold eye mask to help me wake up in the morning! One of my current favourites is the Patchology Moodpatch Happy Place eye gels – not only are they aesthetically pleasing and give me a daily dose of sparkle during my morning routine, but they help soften and plump my under-eye area. Storing these in my Beauty Fridge means they are perfectly cool and calming on the skin when I apply!”
– Dimmity, Customer Relations Specialist

“After a hot bath in the evening, I love nothing more than gently massaging my face and neck with my Jade Gua Sha. Jade stone naturally maintains a cool temperature, BUT popping this bad boy in your Beauty Fridge will supercharge its ability to increase blood circulation. Jade stone is known to promote healing and balance which in my opinion is ideal just before bed!”
–Charlotte, Product Line Developer

“My skin is always dry 365 days a year so I have always used products that are usually thick in consistency to help keep my skin hydrated and keeping them cool in my Beauty Fridge is always the best thing ever! PLUS I also get to store my fave Nutella spread and keep it from melting whoops! I probably shouldn’t be doing that but hmm.”
– Sara, Content Creator

What do you store in your Beauty Fridge? Make sure you post your Skincare Shelfie in our Facebook Group Beauty Fridge Besties!